Easter Nougat Cream

Nougat-Cream Dear KokiDoo Friends,

We are almost there with Easter. What will You find in the egg this year? We decided to give You an egg too but with 2 different surprises: A “Nougat Cream” idea for Your Easter dessert and VizEat.

We recently discovered and joined VizEat, a food-sharing community. Do You know what is and how it works AirB&B? VizEat is kind of similar.

Let me explain to You how it works and how You can find KokiDoo on VizEat.

You can join VizEat in 2 different ways: You could be a Guest or You could be an Host.

As a Guest, You would ideally search for a host in the area You live or in the place You are travelling to. Are You alone but You love to dine with other people? Do You want to try the REAL local food in the place You are travelling? Are You participating to a congress, an event by yourself and look for company? Do You have any particular expectation for Your menu? Great! Just browse among the growing hosts database of VizEat. I am sure You will find the deal that fits Your way. In the database, You may look at menus, prices, location, description of the hosts and eventually reviews.

It is a new way to meet people and to socialize in front of delicious food!

Nougat-Cream-FlowersAs a Host, You could organize an event (for example at Your place) and share the food You have prepared with people that will decide to join. You can create and upload Your menu. We strongly advice to include photos of Your food. It is a much better way to show what You have to offer and make it more appealing. Describe Yourself (maybe upload a photo of yourself) and the place where You intend to have the dinner. Be descriptive! You can charge a suitable amount of money as a reward for Your expenses, Your cooking skills and Your hospitality. Finally, set the time and how many guests You would like to attend to Your event and You are on the wave! If You have a blog, like we have, I think this will put value in what You write. People can actually come to one of Your events and taste the “REAL” food You talk about all the time! Make sure that Your guests have a wonderful experience. I am sure they will reward You with a positive review.

A huge opportunity for hosts are big events: for example in Milan there will be EXPO 2015 starting in May. It is the “World Exhibition” and it will last for 6 months. Do NOT miss it! If You live in Milan, do not waste time and join VizEat as a host. Let Your guests discover the REAL excellent homemade Italian food!

The all VizEat idea rely on meeting, socialize, stay together, eating and drinking in harmony, giving a wonderful experience to the guests.

Nougat-Cream-SpoonFinally: Yes, this is the surprise. As mentioned, KokiDoo joined VizEat as a host. For the moment the profile is still not updated but we are thinking about our first event. So, if You happen to be in south of Sweden or You are a HUGE fan of KokiDoo, You can eventually try our recipes FOR REAL. We can proudly say to be the first Swedish host in VizEat and I am sure lots more will come. Stay tuned and follow us if You want to taste our desserts!

Now, after this surprise, I would like to introduce our splendid “Nougat Cream”. It is very easy to do and You can arrange it as we show You in the photos as a nice, funny Easter idea. The cream is slightly fluffy, smooth and soft which make the texture of this cream great. Together with the intense nougat flavour, You will have a nice tasting experience. You can use this cream as we suggested or You can fill Your delicious cakes with it. I am sure Your guests will be very satisfied!

Nougat-Cream-RaspberryHappy Easter to everyone! And now let’s see the recipe:


Easter Nougat Cream

Rating: 51

Serve: 4

Easter Nougat Cream

The cream is slightly fluffy, smooth and soft which make the texture of this cream great. Together with the intense nougat flavour, You will have a nice tasting experience.


  • 150 g nougat
  • 3 dl cream
  • 4 eggs (shells)
  • Few drops of food coloring


    Prepare the Eggs:
  • Take a corkscrew and do a hole on the top of the egg.
  • Empty the egg.
  • Rinse the eggshell in water.
  • Boil the eggshells together with some food coloring in a saucepan until the have the desired color.
  • Let the eggshells dry.
  • For the Nougat Cream:
  • Chop the nougat in small pieces and place it in a bowl.
  • Heat the cream in a saucepan until the boiling point.
  • Pour the hot cream over the nougat and stir until all the nougat has melted.
  • Cover with plastic foil and place it in the fridge until it is completely cold.
  • Whip the nougat cream until firm and fluffy.


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 Have a Lovely weekend



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    1. Kokidoo Post author

      I have to be honest, at the beginning I checked Contestchef and I could not load the page so that is why I was hesitant to show the comment. Now I visited it and it looks very nice. KokiDoo registered on Contestchef and as soon there is a challenge that will fit us, we will participate. It is a nice idea!


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